Our Mission

We live in a global, highly-connected culture, unknown in days past. This global village has multiplied not only the questions about our faith but the avenues by which they reach our culture. 

Our mission at Evidence America is to help the church answer the questions of today, strengthening the faith of Christians and providing a basis for real, sustainable, new conversion church growth through speaking, teaching, and training.

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Do you ever have questions you can't answer about our faith? Anyone ever stump you with evolution? Ever been tongue-tied when someone says they don't believe in God? Are you sure of what you believe?

Respond is available on DVD or online. Click here to find out more about Respond. 

Forcefully Advancing

forcefully-advancingDeveloped for individual and small group study, Forcefully Advancing is not just another evangelism training book, it is a revolution in evangelism, a new model that equips Christians to become a genuine friend to the lost, and through that friendship labor for conversion.

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The Maker

It's 300 years in the future.  

America has been destroyed...and all history of her erased.  

The Global Government's power cannot be challenged.

Until Adrien Bach digs up the greatest crime in history. 

Their crime. 


To read more, go to The Maker website. 


Evidence America is a non-denominational Christian apologetics and evangelism ministry. We exist to bring glory to Jesus Christ by restoring Biblical authority in North America through contemporary apologetics and evangelism training.


If you have questions about our ministry, any of our services, or would like to discuss scheduling a speaking engagement or training class, please contact us right away! We can't wait to hear from you!